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How to Get Michelle Yeoh’s Dior Beauty Look from the Golden Globes


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Heidi Klum, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Cindy Crawford and Gal Gadot: these are just a few of the celebrities that have had their faces painted by makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani. The latest, though, is Michelle Yeoh, the actress who starred in last year’s incredibly popular Crazy Rich Asians as the protective mother character. And she even showed up on the red carpet wearing the same stunning emerald engagement ring from the film—which she owns in real life, with a matching floor-length green gown from designer Shiatzy Chen.

Bedrani created an exclusive makeup look using all Dior beauty products for Yeoh, who was in attendance at the Golden Globes to celebrate Crazy Rich Asians’ two nominations. “Michelle was wearing a green dress which, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting,” explains Bedrani with a laugh, just after finishing the glam session. “I wanted to focus on the earthy and neutral tones and make her look glowy and bring out her eyes. I worked with her features and enhancing them in the right way, not really making a makeup statement.”

Here, we caught up with the celeb makeup artist to talk all the details of Yeoh’s look, winter skincare, and what she thinks about the biggest makeup trend for 2019.

What products did you use to create Michelle Yeoh’s look for the Golden Globes?

"I kept her lids pretty nude. I used the new 5 Couleurs Lolli’Glow palette in 257 Sugar shade. I used the brown color of that to just enhance the shape of her eyes in the crease and try to bring that out again. I started by lining her eye with the Diorshow On Stage Liquid Liner all along the lashes in brown to just enhance the crease. I used it on the bottom lash to create the idea of a smoky eye but it’s not too dark. Then, I used the Diorshow Kohl Eyeliner in black and I put that inside of her eye. I smudged it on the outer corner of her eye to make it stand out a little bit. Then I always like to use the Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer first and then I did a coat of the Diorshow Mascara in black, just bringing her eyes out. Then I used the Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil in the shade Universal for her brows.

For the blush, I used the blush palette called Origami, but it’s quite intense so I just dusted it on the apple of her cheek. Just to bring a little bit of life to the skin. For the lips, I wanted to keep it more on the neutral side, so I used the Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil in 169 Grege. I not only line the lips, I fill the whole lips with it. Her own lips are really, really pigmented and I actually wanted to mute it down a little bit. I used the lip pencil all over her lips and the lip maximize in light beige all over so it wouldn’t look too dry. Lastly, I used a little bit of the Backstage Glow Face Palette, just a slight little bit on the top of her cheekbone."

How did you prep her skin for this look? What are a few of your favorite skin care products for winter makeup looks?

"I first prepped her skin with the new Capture Youth New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution followed by Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced to prime and perfect skin before makeup application. Depending on the age or the dryness of the skin, I like to use a primer. For dry weather in New York, I like a thicker moisturizer, like Dior Prestige La Crème Texture Riche. Even if I use a thinner moisturizer all over, I like to go back and use a thicker one around the nose or the corners of the eyes where it’s dry and a little bit red."

Michelle’s dress was quite bold. How much does fashion have an impact on the makeup look you choose to do for red carpet events?

"It does, for sure, because at the end of the day I want them to look good. Sometimes I have an idea ahead of time of what I would like to do. But you always have to look at the dress. Like, is this too much? Is it going to clash? It depends on the age, how bright the dress looks, sometimes you have to go with it. Sometimes you can put a little bit of green on the eyes with a green dress. But for this one I just saw it as more of a fresh, pretty, glowy and elegant look rather than making a makeup statement."

What’s the best way to make makeup last during the dry winter weather?

"I don’t really use setting sprays but if you prep the skin right and use a primer the makeup will last. You have to use a powder. I usually like to have a sheen on the cheeks so I tend to use powder on the forehead, nose, chin and along the nose area and not going too far on the cheeks. I think it looks prettier when it’s matte. I also use paper blot because I like to see a little bit of texture on the skin. I use the blot and then the powder, just on the T zone. Once it’s set, you just need to do touch-ups around that area."

What’s your favorite makeup winter makeup product for achieving glowy skin?

"I’m obsessed with the Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation because it’s very velvety and very glowy. It’s not too thick but it’s like it has a moisturizer built in. It’s smoother and silkier. Sometimes you work with models in the winter in New York and they have makeup on every day. They show up and their skin is so dry from the heaters and the cold outside, I usually mix a little bit of moisturizer in the foundation but with this one I don’t have it."

What’s your favorite beauty trend for 2019?

"I’m kind of loving the new trend of really colorful eyeliner. When it comes to makeup there’s always these moments in time when we have a really bright eye or lip, but I’m noticing lots of greens or turquoises. Yellows, purples. I love that."

What are your tips for pulling that look off in everyday life?

"It’s funny because there are a lot of people that say, ‘Oh I love that color, but I could never pull that off.’ In editorial if you have a pretty model you can do crazy things, anything looks good on them. But I think if you want to wear a bright blue liner, you should focus on black mascara. It takes it back so you don’t look weird, but it’s just a little hint of the blue. I think if you go for a lot of mascara, it balances the eye out."


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