How to Have a Luxury Nail Spa Experience at Home

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When you can't go to the salon, bring the salon home. 

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There has never been a better time to master doing your own salon-worthy manicure at home. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to actually have done it all yourselves but buffing, shaping, and painting your own nails can be a form of self-care and meditation. While painting your own nails can be a tough skill to perfect, with a little practice, the right tools (of which there are plenty) and expert guidance, anyone can dip their well-groomed fingertips into the manicure game. 

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"Without the restrictions of our usual daily schedules, now is the time to stay home and have some fun with colors you may not ordinarily wear," says Mary Lennon, co-founder of serene Los Angeles all-natural nail salon Côte. "Take your time, find a clean, well-ventilated space and layout all your items. Make it your own little home spa oasis." 

From the perfect rose-scented hand soak to the fashion week-approved base coat, and the everything-you'd-ever-need manicure kits, we've scoured the virtual beauty aisles for the pieces to make for a luxury nail spa at home. Below, find the products and tools to add to your personal salon and the expert way to use them. 

TakeOff Polish Remover

The first step is to "make sure your nail plate is clean, clean, clean," says Lennon. Use a non-acetone remover which is gentler on the skin and then follow up with a wipe of rubbing alcohol.

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Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner 

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A salon-standard manicure means perfectly coiffed cuticles. Your cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and keep them soft so it's important to gently remove anything caught under your nails using a nail cleaner. The rounded end removes dirt and debris caught under your nails and the flat end pushes back thick, stubborn cuticles.

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French Girl Organics Rose Sea Soak Calming Bath Salts

Courtesy French Girl

Let's face it, one of the most relaxing parts of a luxury nail spa experience is the indulgent hand soak, so why skip this part at home? Soothe hands in water infused with French Girl Rose Sea Soak, a calming, organic rose, and ylang-ylang-scented blend. It softens the skin, soothes aching muscles, and eases the mind, body, and spirit. Bliss. 

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French Girl Organics Nail + Cuticle Oil

Courtesy French Girl

With hand washing at an all-time high, cuticles can be left looking dry and prickly. Massage a hydrating oil or serum to cuticles and nails. "Once the oil has soaked in, remove excess oil from nails with a cloth or paper towel, and continue with your mani," the brand advises. 

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Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator Buffer Nail File

Courtesy Sephora 

Round, square, almond, stiletto, square oval, or ballerina? Nail shape comes to personal taste but now might be the time to experiment. Use a quality file like Deborah Lippman's Smooth Operator and gently file each nail to your desired shape. "Take care not to saw back and forth, but rather lightly glide the file along the edge in a single direction," Lennon advises. 

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Smith & Cult Basecoat Basis of Everything

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"Don't skip the basecoat," says Lennon. "Even though the color is the fun part, the base coat is important if you want your color to last, a thin coat on each nail will suffice."

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Dior Nail Glow Nail Enhancer

Courtesy Dior

For those feeling a little wary when it comes to painting, try picking a foolproof barely-there polish. "Start off with something forgiving like soft, barely-there pinks like Côte No.3, No. 5, and No. 10," says Lennon. For an all-natural French manicure look, Dior's Nail Glow Enhancer simply intensifies the color of your natural nails and has somewhat of a cultish following. 

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Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle

Courtesy Dermstore

When it comes to applying polish, Lennon has several tips. "Start with one swipe down the middle, then follow up with swipes to the sides to spread the polish then make sure to wait five minutes between each coat application—it does wonders for the drying process." And when it's time for the dreaded non-dominant hand, do as you would in the salon. "Anchor your hand against something like a table, this will make those wobbles disappear and give you control of where your brush goes," says Lennon. 

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Zoya Armor Top Coat

Courtesy Ulta

Finish with a top coat to protect your color. "Swipe the tip edge to get an extra great seal, have fun with this part. Consider a matte finish just to mix it up". 

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Cote All-in-One Set 

Courtesy Cote

For an all-encompassing luxury manicure set—from nourishing argan oil to nail clippers and hand and foot collagen packs—this one has it all. 

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