The 9 Luxe Natural Makeup Brands Your Skin Craves

It used to be a choice: chemical-free, natural makeup or high-performance, luxury brands. No longer. Today’s cosmetics companies are creating effective, indulgent formulas with natural and organic ingredients for safer makeup that’s hard to resist.

Tata Harper / Juice Beauty / RMS Beauty / Kjaer Weis
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The United States cosmetics industry is a multibillion-dollar business, but it remains largely unregulated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has some rules, but consider this: According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the European Union bans over 1,300 chemicals from cosmetics that are “known or suspected” to be harmful. The FDA bans 11.

As a response, new green makeup lines are emerging to provide customers with safer beauty options that use all-natural and organic ingredients and even limit processes that are harsh on the environment. “I honor that people have different opinions, but I definitely question a lifelong use of [conventional cosmetics],” says Kjaer Weis founder Kirsten Kjaer Weis. “I try to put a question mark up, so maybe customers will start to think about it for themselves.”

But question mark it remains—after all, the natural, organic side of the business is just as unregulated. Green beauty brands set their own standards of safety and sustainability, which means consumers largely have to do their own research to find out what’s really going on.

Here, we’ve done some of that work for you. For a safer alternative to conventional makeup that performs at the same level, try these nine natural makeup brands.