Is This Really the Best Soap in the World?

Courtesy Lafco

Lafco New York’s founder, Jon Bresler, thinks so.

When you open a box of Lafco soap, you will find a small card that says: “Three reasons why you will love this soap.” It then explains the virtues of having a 100 percent–vegetable base, containing only natural ingredients, and producing a luxuriously creamy lather. “It was like a life’s mission to make the best bar of soap I possibly could,” says founder and president Jon Bresler. To that end, he scoured saponifiers throughout Europe to find one in Italy who could make it right, with moisturizing olive, coconut, and palm oils, and hydrating almond oil. Add to that his newest line of scents with floral, fruit, and green accords, and, by Jove, we think he’s got it! $12 each;