The New Anti-Aging Serum: It's All In The Genes

Courtesy Geneu

In-store DNA testing, plus lifestyle assessment, plus consultation, equals an antiaging serum just for you. 

The world’s first in-store DNA testing has come to New Bond Street with GENEU, which promises to discover how each individual’s skin is aging and prescribe a customized solution to slow down the process. In 30 minutes—after the inside of your mouth is swabbed and you answer questions about your lifestyle—you will have a DNA reading of your skin’s future. (An at-home testing kit will launch internationally by the end of the year.) 

Aging skin can be attributed to two key factors: the levels of antioxidants in the body and the rate at which collagen is broken down. Once these are ascertained, serums are produced with the correct dosage denoted. Then off you go, with instructions for applying the products twice a day. Both serums are enclosed in state-of-the-art disposable cartridges to ensure the active formulas are kept in optimum condition. 

The man behind GENEU, Christofer Toumazou, is no cosmetics-company specialist, rather a Regius Professor at Imperial College, London, and head of its Institute of Biomedical Engineering. A chance meeting with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran resulted in Rhodes becoming creative director of the company and designer of the New Bond Street HQ. But Rhodes is no slouch at skincare; he was responsible for introducing his bandmates to the joys of Heaven’s bee-venom products some years ago. 

The test and private consultation plus two weeks of products costs $930, then $465 per month after. 65 New Bond St.; 44-20/7499-7161;