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The Comb That Changed My Daily Hair Routine

Not all hair combs are created equal, it turns out.


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Chances are you know of celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh who boasts a roster of famed clients by the likes of Gisele, Karlie Kloss, Priyanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, and Ellen Pompeo. Casual.

And when he's not grooming celebrity manes, the Canadian stylist is perfecting his instantly recognizable mint-green luxury hair tool line: Harry Josh Pro Tools. All his tools, which are handmade in France and are also fair trade, are built to actually last and are the next best thing to actually sitting in Harry's chair.

While the Harry Pro Dryer 2000 ($249,, which promises to quicken blow-dry time by 60%, is the star product with a myriad of awards and raving five-star reviews, it's not the only product that will change your daily routine. His curling tools have been dubbed by editors as "the Rolls Royce of curling irons" ($185;, but it's actually the humble Carbon Tail Comb ($20; that changed my hair routine overnight.

After trying serums, Argan oils, creams, leave-in conditioners on my thick, frizz-prone wavy hair to no avail, I nonchalantly combed my hair post shower with this magic fine tooth comb and woke up to defined frizz-free curls. Like magic. Why does it work so well? We asked Harry Josh himself.

"The tail comb is so good because it doesn't have a metal end which will guarantee that it will not bend during use" Harry Josh told us. "The carbon material was chosen because it will not melt while using with hot tools. Plastic can by accidently melt so we use carbon material to ensure this will not happen."

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"A good tip on how to use is when you are wanting to create a part use the tail not the teeth of the comb. If you comb while following the flat iron all the way down it will warrant a sleek look."


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