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How Dermatologist Dr. Colbert Prepped Celebrities for the Oscars

Skincare is one of the most involved and important processes of award season preparation.


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For almost the last ten years, celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert has been treating Hollywood’s elite at his pop-up Oscars clinic in Beverly Hills. The founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group specializes in fast, revolutionary treatments as well as wellness remedies (he opened up an innovative wellness space in Manhattan just last year, for example).

At his Oscars clinic, he treats a range of actors, this year working with Robin Wright, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Caitriona Balfe. “Every year, we cater to the actors, nominees and the people involved in the film industry,” explains Dr. Colbert by phone, after he had already started treating some of the aforementioned actors. “We offer the Runway Facial, which is a really calm, no downtime facial that is actually more of a combination of lasers that gives you a bright, fresh glow for the red carpet with no downtime.” The other treatment Dr. Colbert specializes in is the Triad Facial, comprised of microdermabrasion, laser toning and chemical peeling. Read ahead to hear how he prepped this season’s actors, as well as his best tips for winter skin and wellness advice.

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How far in advance do you start treating patients?

We began treating people for the Oscars over the last couple of weeks.

What treatments are you offering Robin Wright, Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts, Caitriona Balfe from Outlander, and many more?

Most of the people are just coming in for brightening and toning. They like the different machines we have, body toning, like the Emsculpt toning machine. And they like to do the Triad facial, they like to do the photo facials. We also talk about how to maximize their health during the stressful periods, so we give them a little bit of information, you know, better foods to eat and what to avoid. Just little medical tricks to make you look your best.

What were some of the wellness tips and tricks you recommended to each of them?

Probably stress management and nutrition because we're all human beings and we have to eat well and get enough exercise. And I think when it gets down to the wire, everybody's going from interviews to this to that, and it's easy to not take care of yourself and not do self care, like getting enough rest and just drinking enough water. It sounds cliché, but it's true. So, I really kind of emphasize the need for downtime and taking good care of yourself.

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What’s the most popular treatment during awards season?

I'd say it's probably the Runway facial, which includes infrared tightening of the face and jaw and eyes. And then there's exfoliation with it, which they like to do also. The runway facial is the most popular, and the Emsculpt.

What do you typically recommend in terms of products and aftercare when prepping skin for any big event, especially during colder months?

The number one most important thing is using the light products on your skin. Something that most of our celebrities use is the Illumino Oil because it contains a lot of healthy oils. An oil on the skin produces some brightening effects but it also is the very best moisturizer you can use because it blocks water from evaporating through the skin. That's the number one most important thing for skincare in the winter.


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