Derek Lam 10 Crosby Perfume

Courtesy Derek Lam

The designer breaks into the perfume world with a new 10-scent collection embodying one of SoHo's most iconic streets.

Why settle for just one fragrance when you could have 10? That was the guiding ethos behind Derek Lam’s first foray into the beauty world. Instead of launching with one flagship scent, the fashion designer went out with a whole collection, launched under the moniker of his younger, more modern brand Derek Lam 10 Crosby, named for his SoHo business address. Each scent in the collection is inspired by a different woman and a different possible experience on New York’s Crosby Street, from the rich, warm “2AM Kiss” (salty wood and crystalized amber) to the more exotic “Looking Glass” (Chinese magnolia and tonka bean Madagascar). Much like the label’s clothing, the product design is at once boldly architectural and youthfully bohemian, with structural details rendered in bright, cheerful colors that were originally chosen by Lam as swatches of fabric. In line with the “more is more” principle behind the fragrance collection concept, the brand is shaking things up further with 10 short films—each representing a scent and a moment—just released this morning. Watch the film for our favorite fragrance, the delicately floral and ethereal “Silent St” (white musks), inspired by Crosby Street at first snow, below, or watch the full series over at

While the whole collection isn’t a knockout—we didn’t care for the aggressively floral “Hi-Fi” (pink peony and French narcisse) or the confusing “Something Wild” (cedarwood and vanilla bean Madagascar), somehow synthetically sweet and deeply earthy at once—we still recommend taking a page from Lam’s book and splurging for the whole gift set instead of just your favorite scent. Because why not try on as many personalities, moments, and fragrant visions as Crosby Street, and Derek Lam, have to offer? From $95 at