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4 Stylish and Incredibly Simple Hairdos to Master at Home

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We all have those days where it’s just not possible to spend the time doing our hair. Or, perhaps you just don’t feel like it. This is especially true on those days when you’re working from home. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t want a perfectly coiffed hairdo.

“Working from home brings a whole new dynamic to getting ready for the workday,” popular Philadelphia hairdresser, Andy Glickman, told Departures. “Luckily, there are many trendy and wearable styles you can do at home that requires no heat at all.”

Here he reveals how to get four incredibly stylish (and easy) looks.

Heatless Waves

  1. Section air dried or second-day hair into four sections, ear to ear, and front to back.
  2. Take four tube socks, two clips, and four hair ties.

  3. Starting in the front, clip the open end of the sock to the top of the section.

  4. Split the hair within the section into two subsections.

  5. Beginning at the top, wrap your two subsections around the sock in a circular or figure 8 formation. When you get to the end, leave about an inch-inch and a half of hair out and fold the closed end of the sock onto the ends of the hair and secure with a hair tie. This assures a crease-free finish.

  6. Once finished with the section, remove the clip from the top of the sock.

  7. Repeat this in the remaining three sections. Then sleep! Allowing this style to set overnight will give the most longevity and a tighter curl.

  8. In the morning, simply loosen the hair ties, unwind your hair, and remove the socks.

Pro Tip: “Flip your hair upside down and fluff your roots with your fingers for maximum volume,” said Glickman. “Flip your head back over, and finger comb your hair. Maintain volume by pinching the crown while separating the mods and ends with your fingers. Feel free to add some texture spray for a salty finish.”

Braided Crown

  1. Start with clean, damp, or day-old hair.
  2. Take an inch section starting behind the ear. Start a French or Dutch braid in the direction of your choice.

  3. Braid in a circle around your head, moving towards your face to start and eventually making your way behind the other ear and to the back of your head. As you pick up additional sections, incorporate hair from the crown of your head and hairline.

  4. When you reach the ear that the braid started and all hair has been incorporated, finish by braiding through the ends and secure with an elastic.

  5. Holding onto the end of the braid, slowly and gently begin to pull at random loops of the braid around your head. This will create volume and texture.

  6. Once your crown is looking full and to your liking, grab a few Bobby pins. Wrap the end of the braid in the same circular direction that you started in and pin the end down. If any areas feel too loose or loopy, feel free to add some pins for security.

  7. To finish, pull out a few pieces around your ears and hairline. Spray with dry shampoo or texture spray for a matte finish, regular hairspray for control, or shine spray if you prefer that glossy shine.

Pro Tip: “Remember that it’s okay if the braid isn’t super smooth,” said Glickman. “You want some of the lumps and bumps for a more ‘undone’ or bohemian vibe.”

Top Knot

  1. Flip your head upside down. Begin to gather all of your hair to the high crown of your head. I like to get the edges pretty smooth for this look.
  2. Gather your hair into a ponytail, wrap your elastic around the ponytail one time, then as you wrap in the second time, fold your hair in half. If you stop here, it will look like your old school “seashell” messy bun. I recommend one more wrap and fold for the perfect voluminous messy bun.

  3. Next, grab a handful of bobby pins. Pin down some of the rogue straight ends that are poking out from your bun. If the messy bun is too much of a mess, jam some pins in to create as much structure as you like to see. I like my buns to feel secure but look full and intentional, ‘updo’ style.

  4. Finish with the hairspray of your choice.

Pro Tip: “To smooth the edges, you can take a toothbrush with some hairspray on it,” said Glickman. “To relax and soften the look, pull out a couple of pieces around the ears.”

Use Headbands and Hair Accessories

  1. Perfect for second-day hair or to dress up waves from a previously braided style, simply spray hair with dry shampoo or dry texture spray.
  2. Finger comb hair back off of the face leaving some volume and texture at the root.

  3. Then just add your favorite decorative headband. Alternatively, you could create a deep side part, fluff the roots on the heavier side with your fingers and spray.

  4. Smooth down the shallow side of the part with a toothbrush and hairspray.

  5. Add decorative hair clips to accessorize the look.

Pro Tip: “Don’t have any fun clips or accessories,” said Glickman. “Try using three to five bobby pins in a contrasting color to your hair color, so they stand out.”


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