How the Stars Get Red-carpet Ready

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From injections to cryotherapy, these are how celebrities prepare for some of the biggest nights of their year.

We all know that celebrities have glam squads. After all, it’s pretty much their job to look red-carpet-ready at all times. But, during awards season, the stars kick up their beauty a notch (or three). Beyond getting their hair, makeup and nails done, many A-listers head to the spa, plastic surgeon, and trainers to ensure their skin is glowing, butt is perky, lips are plumper, and there’s no wrinkle in sight. To top it off, they’ll spare no expense or leave any treatment off the table (vampire facial anyone?) to look their absolute best for the most important nights of the year. Here are 7 treatments stars are doing to prep for the red carpet.

Red Carpet Facial

It says it in the name, but Tracie Martyn’s “Red Carpet Facial” is a go-to for stars like Kate Winslet ahead of the Golden Globes. So, what’s involved exactly? A combination of a mild current and LED Light is used to reduce fine lines while firming the skin and boosting collagen formation around the jawline, eyes, and cheekbones. There’s no downtime like traditional plastic surgery procedures, but it’s said to produce similar anti-aging results. No wonder it’s $450 for an hour.

Triad Body Facial

Who says facials are just for the face? Certainly not celebrities like Miranda Kerr. She and others visit dermatologist David Colbert for a Triad body facial for that dewy, radiant glow all over. The process starts with microdermabrasion followed by a collagen-promoting laser treatment and a glycolic acid peel with lavender essence. After the scrub down, the skin is lathered in more collagen-boosting serum and illuminated with low-energy light before the final rich cream application. Best of all, stars can go straight to hair and makeup after.

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Reduce inflammation, burn calories, brighten skin, and soothe sore muscles; sounds like the dream treatment. Unfortunately, those benefits come at a cost: freezing yourself. Yes, stars like Mandy Moore subject themselves to standing in a chamber nude that chilled to as low as minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Moore even gets cryotherapy on her face as part of the exclusive Supernova Facial by Joanna Vargas.

Sled Pushing

Trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Nation is known for whipping some of the biggest names in Hollywood—Emma Stone, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Biel to name a few—into shape. But, when award season comes around, he relies on one tool in particular burn calories and tone: the sled. When pushed, the full body is activated meaning more energy is burned burn and the metabolism kicks into high gear. A few focused workouts with the total-body tool in the weeks leading up the big day and celebs are guaranteed to look their fittest.

Sculptra Injections

In a form-fitting gown, every curve—especially the derrière— has to be flawless. While plastic surgery or long hours in the gym can certainly achieve those results, many stars need a quick lift. That’s why stars turn to Sculptra injections. Basically, a combo of lactic acid and water are injected into the behind creating an instant (albeit a brief one) plumping effect. The somewhat simple procedure is costly though starting at $6,000.

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The Ultimate Indulgence Red Carpet Experience

If stars want a treatment the covers them head to toe, they head to The Peninsula Beverly Hills. There they have a 3.5-hour, $1,800 “red carpet ready” experience takes place in three phases. This treatment utilizes a six-in-one In-skin facial machine to provide a customized facial experience. Once your face is glowing, a full-body scrub will prepare the body for a slimming wrap containing coffee, mate, and guarana to burn fat. While in a cocoon, hands and feet are pampered with mango butter, complemented with a scalp massage using KOS PARIS hair serum. The treatment finishes with a full-body massage and application of Perle Fine Slimming Oil, formulated with rare essential oils.

Apple Stem Cell Facial

Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Vergara always seem to have that effortless glow on the red carpet. Their secret? The Apple Stem Cell Facial from Sonya Dakar. The skincare expert claims to use stem cells extracted from a rare Swiss variety of apple that never rots or spoils and regenerates skin cells. They are placed on the skin in a serum form while Dakar uses a diamond-encrusted wand to resurface and smooth the skin. Red light is then applied to enhance collagen production and stem cells properties leaving skin plumper.

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