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Dermatologist-Approved Products That Will Prepare Your Skin for Spring

As the seasons change, your beauty routine should, too.


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Environmental conditions such as humidity, air dryness, temperatures, allergens, and of course UV rays have a significant impact on our skin and bodies. That means, just like you adapt your closet with apparel and accessories to match the weather outside, you should also regularly update your beauty drawer with products that help your skin fight whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

While in the winter you should focus on keeping your skin well hydrated, once temperatures start rising again, you should be switching to products with lighter textures as well as anti-puffiness products if you are prone to allergies, according to Geneva-based dermatologist, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, founder of aesthetic medicine and surgery clinic Forever Institut and vegan body care brand Alchimie Forever. This is also the perfect time of the year to add a Vitamin A retinoid to your skincare regimen.

“If you paused on exfoliation during the winter, it is time to start again—weekly, with a dual exfoliation product so that your skin benefits from mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation—but nothing too gritty,” he said. Now is the time to switch to a more deep-cleansing foaming cleanser. "Look for one with enzymes or acids,” Polla added.

If your skin is prone to breakouts, switch to oil-free products to prevent pores from getting clogged, suggested Manhattan-based dermatologist Marisa Garshick.

“It is best to avoid extra oils as we prepare for summer, and so I recommend lighter formulations of moisturizers in the form of hydrating gels, lotions, or lighter weight creams,” she added. “Spring is a good time to get the skin ready for that summer glow with in-office procedures such as chemical peels, lasers, and other treatments that are best to avoid during the summer."

Just like Dr. Polla, Garshik also stressed the importance of exfoliating as it helps brighten dull-looking skin.

While sunscreen should be used year-round if you have been slacking on regularly applying it during the colder months, now is the time to get serious about it again.

So, without further ado, here are some of the products that skincare professionals recommend you add to your beauty routine as winter turns to spring.

Alchimie Forever Advanced Retinol Serum

Dr. Polla recommends using this retinol serum, formulated with European blueberry, twice a week at night between the months of March and May. “This will really get rid of all of the dead winter cells and reveal glowing skin,” he said.

To buy: $99,

EltaMD UV Daily Facial Sunscreen

“Sunscreen is important every day, every season but it is especially important to reapply frequently with warmer weather and more sun exposure,” said Dr. Garshik.

To buy: $27,

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

“Antioxidants are designed to help repair DNA damage. These vitamin C formulations help brighten the skin and can also improve skin tone, improving and preventing the signs of sun damage,” explained Dr. Garshik.

To buy: $166,

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

Clarins’s best-selling face oil contains blue orchid and hazelnut oils that revitalize and nourish your skin. The lightweight formula is rapidly absorbed without any oily residue.

To buy: $60,

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Light Up Brightening Serum

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s new Light Up serum is a paraben- and sulfate-free brightening serum that contains hydrating antioxidants and vitamin C. It regulates the skin’s melanin production to reduce dark spots and neutralize environmental pollutants.

To buy: $88,

Revision Skincare Intellishade TruPhysical Tinted Moisturizer

“This all-in-one mineral sunscreen and moisturizer is great for daily use as it also contains some antioxidant benefits to help protect against other environmental stressors,” said Dr. Garshik.

To buy: $75,


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