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The Best Skincare Products from Around the World to Add to Your Beauty Routine

For centuries, women around the globe have found ways to use natural ingredients to maintain glowing skin.

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Want radiant skin? There’s French brand Caudalie that uses grapes from Bordeaux for its best-selling facial serum. Have dry hair? There’s a product that contains Brasil nut from the Amazon which will give you the luscious and healthy mane you deserve. Struggling from cracked skin on your hands or feet? A cream that contains Nile crocodile oil (yes, you read that right) will take care of that.

Keep reading to see our selection of brands and products from around the world that you should definitely be adding to your daily beauty routine.

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Iceland: Blue Lagoon Lava Scrub

This scrub is a total game changer. Made with lava powder, geothermal seawater, and silica, all sourced from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon geothermal area, it will leave your skin soft and visibly spotless.

To buy: $115,

Hawaii: Malie Organics Pikake Beauty Oil

Bring the Aloha spirit to your everyday beauty routine with this organic multipurpose product infused with Hawaiian kukui nut and macadamia oils. Use it on wet hair for a shinier mane or in your bath for softer, moisturized skin.

To buy: $45,

Greece: Korres Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

Ask any grandmother in Greece and she’ll probably tell you that the best face mask is not in your beauty drawer but in your refrigerator––it’s Greek yogurt. This light moisturizer, made with Greek yogurt concentrate, which is rich in natural proteins, minerals, and vitamins, acts as an overnight mask. The result? You’ll wake up with a much brighter skin tone and baby-soft skin.

To buy: $46,

France: Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

You may think of wine when you hear the name Bordeaux but Caudalie has found another purpose for the grapes sourced from the famous region: curing dark spots. By isolating the active ingredient from grapevine sack—viniferine––Caudalie has created one of the best anti dark-spot and discoloration serums on the market.

To buy: $79,

Japan: Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

Infused with natural Japanese luffa fruit, Wild Rose, and Leopard Lily, this deep cleansing facial gel exfoliates by sloughing away dead skin cells and decongesting pores to reveal a smoother skin texture. It’s also perfect for those with oily skin.

To buy: $38,

Tahiti: ZiaVic Beauty Tiare Tahiti Body Soufflé

A single whiff of this Tahitian-made body soufflé will transport you to a sun-drenched beach in French Polynesia. Infused with Tahitian monoï oil and scented with Tahitian gardenias, coconut and sweet Taha’a vanilla, this deeply moisturizing cream will leave your skin soft without the dreaded greasy feel.

To buy: $75,

Australia: Simple As That Makeup Remover

This pharmacist-formulated makeup remover uses extra virgin olive oil sourced from a family-owned farm north of Melbourne. With sunflower and jojoba oil, it acts as a powerful makeup remover that is gentle on the skin and packed with antioxidants and fatty acids.

To buy: $18,

South Africa: Kwena Hand Cream with Crocodile Oil

Cape Town-based Kwena creates its products with sustainably sourced Nile crocodile oil. It is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory oil that, because it’s so similar to oil produced by human skin, is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and is therefore great to use on sensitive skin. Kwena’s moisturizing hand cream also contains shea butter, another beloved African ingredient.

To buy: $35,

Brazil: Natura Brasil Castanha Multi-Benefit Primer

Enriched with Castanha, Brazil nut oil sourced from the Amazon, this all-purpose hair primer will give you the shiny, soft, and strong hair you’ve always wanted. Apply before styling to protect your strands from heat damage.

To buy: $25,

Korea: Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask

This anti-aging mask formulated with the brand’s patented double-wrapping technology uses ginseng, known for its anti-aging and brightening properties, which will leave your skin firmer and more radiant.

To buy: $120/5 masks,


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