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The New Age Tools That Instantly Sculpt Your Face

Facial sculpting is the new facelift, but even better—it’s at home and the results are immediate. Here are the tools you need to refine, firm, and tone your face, neck, and décolletage.


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Lymphatic drainage seems to be the beauty-wellness industry buzz-phrase as of late. It’s a therapeutic massage treatment that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from tissues and back toward the heart, by using long, rhythmic strokes. Otherwise, you’re left with puffiness, fluid retention, and swelling—especially and unfortunately, in your face.

Thankfully, there’s a tool for everything nowadays. Some have been around for centuries—like those inspired by ancient Chinese healing techniques, such as jade rollers and the Gua Sha stones (which are used to scrape the face for radiant skin). While others are looking forward to the future, incorporating the latest technological advancements like nano- and micro-currents, and phone app connectivity.

From La Prairie’s latest White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire which introduces a revolutionary pearl applicator to high-tech, electrical current-infused ZIIP devices that fit in the palm of your hand, there’s a solution for every skincare problem—be it laugh lines (nasolabial folds), crow’s feet (eye wrinkles), jawlines, the elevens (vertical lines between the eyebrows), or an aged or sun-damaged décolletage. All of these at-home devices are travel-friendly (they fit in the palm of your hand) and effective (just five minutes a day keeps the wrinkles away). Here are the sculpting devices you need to incorporate into your regular skincare maintenance routine.

La Prairie White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

The inspiration for La Prairie’s powerful, illuminating eye cream (that addresses greyness, brown spots, redness, yellowness, and under-eye darkness) came from something Swiss architect Le Corbusier said: “Architecture is the wise, precise and magnificent balance of forms assembled in the light.” Using a brightening formula to contour the eye area, La Prairie understands the power in combining a great product with a great tool. Therefore, they’ve created a ceramic pearl applicator to accompany the cream, that both massages and cools the skin for a totally de-puffed effect.

To buy: $550;

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

Sculpt your face with 24-carat gold. This vibrating wand, beloved by A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, and Patrick Dempsey, was created by celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey.

To buy: $195;

Refa Carat Face

Refa’s double drainage rollers mimic the deep kneading technique used by professional estheticians. Coated in platinum to avoid skin irritation, it produces a subtle, solar panel powered microcurrent.

To buy: $220;

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

This facial device uses two microcurrent modules to tighten facial muscles while effectively contouring, toning, and reducing wrinkles. It can also be paired with interchangeable treatment attachments for different target areas like eyes, lips, and neck.

To buy: $325;

Georgia Louise Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone

Based in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, facialist Georgia Louise is a big believer in stimulating the lymphatic system for toned and energized skin. Her patented, hand-cut rose quartz was developed to perfectly fit into all of the face’s contours.

To buy: $75;

Shen Beauty Sculpt and Lift Facial Tool

Brooklyn-based Shen Beauty’s facial tool looks simple, but it packs a punch. Created to be paired with serum, oil, or moisturizer for optimal results, the tool works in repetitive upward movements to de-stress different areas of the face and neck.

To buy: $56;

ZIIP GX Device

An at-home device, developed by Melanie Simon, ZIIP is a revolutionary product that uses three different currents to target specific areas of the face and neck. The gentle nanocurrent, in particular, increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that declines with age, and encourages the skin to the skin to produce collagen and elastin.

To buy: $495;

Susanne Kaufmann Obsidian Face Roller

Designed by Susanne Kaufmann’s architect brother, Oskar Leo (you may recognize his work from the MoMA), this face roller incorporates hand-cut black obsidian stone which is believed to relieve muscle inflammation, help Vitamin C and D absorption, and strengthen connective tissues. Plus, it comes with a leather and satin pouch for easy storage.

To buy: $330;


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