The Buzz on Bee Venom, And Other Must-Get Facials in London

Favored by Camilla and Kate, Simon and Victoria, bee-venom facials and products are keeping Britain’s “queen bees” looking young and vibrant. If you can't shoulder the two-year wait for the facial, don't give yourself worry lines; we've also rounded up five top-notch aestheticians worth a visit.

Martin Morrell / COMO Hotels and Resorts
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Marian Bourne’s Couture Facial

Marian Bourne’s Couture Facial ($250) uses her Celgenic products devised for mature skin. Available Tuesdays at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at the Metropolitan London, Bourne is an intuitive craniosacral practitioner who combines organic products with phototherapy technology. Old Park Ln.​; 44-20/7447-5750;