World's Most Thrilling Drives

Courtesy Bentley Motors Limited

Sometimes it’s all about the journey rather than the
destination, particularly if you’re taking the trip in a luxurious automobile.

Cruising the open road in a high-performance exotic car
is a fantasy that knows no borders. Whether it’s driving the French Riviera,
California’s coastline or the Las Vegas Strip, these trips are all the more
spectacular in a Rolls-Royce, Corvette or Lamborghini suited specifically for
the experience.

Take, for example, driving Croatia’s Istria peninsula,
which is loaded with attractions like the well-preserved Roman amphitheater in
Pula, charming harbor town of Rovinj and mountain medieval fortress of Motovun,
birthplace of Formula 1 racing legend Mario Andretti. The drive itself is
memorable; however, it reaches new heights in a 2012 Bentley Continental GTC.

Bentley, of course, has a well-deserved reputation for
luxury, but the British car manufacturer ups the ante for open-air touring with
a convertible that seats four passengers in unrepentant comfort. Plush leather
seats are only the start. There’s a neck warmer vent in the headrest that
gently blows warm air around your upper body, so even if there is a slight
chill in the air, there is no need to put the top up. Double-glazed windows
reduce wind noise so you don’t have to shout when you point toward one of the
many scenic vistas along this stretch of the Adriatic coast.

It’s not a problem if an ocean stands between your
Aston Martin and a famous stretch of road: just rent a car. In Europe, Edel
& Stark, which offers VIP concierge service, can provide you with anything
from a Mayback to a Range Rover. (Prices vary, but a Porsche 911, for example,
is $3,250 per day.) If you’re staying stateside, Gotham
Dream Cars, in New York, can arrange for you to drive not one but six dream cars in one day, for
just under $1,000.

Herewith, eight spectacular drives behind the wheels of
iconic cars. Now the only thing standing between you and the asphalt is a pair
of driving shoes. We recommend Tod’s.