10 Plush Luxury Car Interiors

Long celebrated for the look and feel of their technically savvy, design-forward exteriors, the best cars are finally getting the insides to match.

Courtesy Bentley
OF 11

Luxury automakers are creating car interiors that are more luxurious than ever, and the emphasis is not just on driver comfort. The entire vehicle is now seen as a third living space—after the home and office, of course—where passenger comfort and connectivity, as well as superior interior design, are just as paramount as what’s under the hood. This sea change is largely being driven by China where, thanks to traffic-clogged roads, comfort trumps traditional purchasing lures like speed and handling. Even sports cars are becoming more comfortable, too, while taking their edgy, performance-focused design cues from the racetrack. Either way, there’s one thing for certain: Sitting in the back seat has never looked more attractive.