Future Cars: 18 High-Tech Concept Cars

The luxury cars of the future will be like nothing you’ve driven before—assuming you’re the one driving them at all.

Courtesy Rolls Royce
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It seems like anything is possible on the road these days, with the cars of tomorrow juggling more variables than any time in the past. New technologies like autonomous driving are encouraging automakers to rethink how future vehicles are designed and operated (just think, “drivers” might start spending more time behind a screen or book than a wheel), and tools like gesture control, eye-tracking, and holographic displays will transform how drivers interact with their cars. More stringent environmental regulations, meanwhile, are inspiring creativity around construction and materials, upping the ante on the once “professorial” stereotype of the electric car.

The thrust toward innovation has left room for new players to enter the game, including Tesla, the most well known at present, LeSEE, Karma Revero, and DeltaWing. But the tried-and-true brands of yore are no lame ducks, either. Rolls-Royce and Maybach, for example, are designing new models that may redefine the top-tier of luxury cars. Even the pickup truck is being reimagined as a luxury vehicle.

Here’s a look at the some of the concept cars that will change the future of luxury driving.