Best in Show: 11 Cool Cars from 2016 Auto Shows

Sweet-looking vehicles with lots of horsepower are the talk of this year’s Geneva International Motor Show and New York International Auto Show. Here, the newest models to covet.

Courtesy Ferrari
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If there is a single thread running through this year’s top car expositions—hosted in Geneva (March 3–13, 2016) and New York (March 25–April 3, 2016)—it’s that luxury and power go hand-in-hand. Massive engines capable of exceeding speed limits in a few blinks of the eye are on display in the form of gorgeous works of art. Bugatti’s new $2.7 million Chiron is the talk of the industry with its unprecedented 1500 horsepower—and that's to say nothing of its appearance, inside and out. From Lamborghini to Maserati, Volvo to Mercedes, these new fast wheels aren't like the muscle cars of old; these days, interiors are well-appointed cocoons of rich leather and thoughtful design, speed demons-meet-plush living rooms. With plenty of new details to drool over, here’s a look at the most exciting new cars from both shows.