Car-Branded Fashion

Driving a luxury car is one thing—looking the part is another. Here, ten carmakers give their fans more reasons to love their brands.

“Car fashion” used to mean nothing more than dressed-down T-shirts or baseball caps sporting a motor-oil logo. These days an increasing number of upscale automobile brands—especially European ones—are offering luxury threads and accessories that speak not just to racing but to a whole lifestyle.

But these days Bugatti, Bentley and BMW, for instance, are positioning themselves as more than just luxury carmakers—they are luxury brands in their own right. To do so, some of them are partnering with established fashion houses or designers—like Land Rover, which has joined forces with British clothier Barbour. Others, such as Bugatti—which introduced an extensive fashion collection, including tuxedos, at a Milan fashion show—are going it alone, banking on the fact that their own in-house design sensibilities will help them move from the roadway to the runway.

At the very least, such accessories can take your weekend road trip to a whole new level of luxury. Here are some of the best fashion-forward items sporting automobile brands.