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This All-electric Vintage Car Looks Anything but Old

It was named after the co-founder’s granddaughter.


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It’s hard to call the all-electric Carmen car vintage. One peek at an early photo of the design and you’ll be conjuring up images of flying vehicles and a robot-serviced world as opposed to the human-manned gas pumps of yesteryear. But this new car design—built by automaker Hispano Suiza for French pilot André Dubonnet and named after Dubonnet’s granddaughter—was inspired by a car from 1938 called the Dubonnet Xenia, according to Designboom.

This is the first auto release from Suiza since the company’s last car in 1946. In June 2018, Suiza’s design took home 'Best in Show' from the Rodeo Drive Concours, a well-known car show held in Beverly Hills every year over Father’s Day weekend. As you can imagine, some improvements are being made to the new-and-improved vehicle. Uncrate shares that QEV Technologies has been working on the car—the same company known to work on cutting-edge automotive technology for Formula E teams.

Details around the car design are scarce—only a handful of photos have been “leaked” around the design from a Spanish auto show showing off only the silhouette of the Carmen. But enthusiasts are looking forward to the 2019 Geneva Car Show on March 7, when they believe they’ll be getting more information around the Carmen.


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