A New Exhibit Recreates Picasso's Cannes Studio, Giving Visitors an Inside Look at the Artist's Life

Courtesy BASTIAN Gallery

See the famous artist's works like never before at this new London show.

Typically you’d find the works of great artists hanging in museums. But, one London gallery sought to make viewing one master’s pieces more immersive. Bastian is opening Atelier Picasso this September, which will feature a unique recreation of Picasso’s Cannes studio.

Courtesy BASTIAN Gallery

This installation-style exhibition will feature incredible pieces from the legendary artist’s oeuvre, including furniture, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, and prints. Wood Owl, an example of Picasso’s ceramic works, will be on display as well as the masterpiece Minotaure caressant une dormeuse. That piece shows the use of the Minotaur motif, his alter ego in the 1930s. There’s also a set of 20 Visage plates from 1963.

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And they will all be set in a space designed to look and feel just like Picasso’s south of France studio. The space will have many of the surfaces and floors covered with materials just as Picasso—a noted hoarder—did in his south of France studio. To create the build, the designers used original photographs, including a number from close friend André Villiers. After World War II, Picasso moved to the South of France to escape war-ravaged Paris and find inspiration again. 

From left: Pablo Picasso, Femme assise (Dora Maar); Pablo Picasso, Galleri Jorgen Expose Les Lithographies de L'Atelier Mourlot, 1984. Courtesy BASTIAN Gallery

Although the Spanish painter is always a topic of conversation in the art world, he’s been particularly prevalent recently. Rosewood London, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, launched a Picasso-themed afternoon tea service in February featuring pastries resembling his works of art. A lost work by the master was also recovered last after going missing for 20 years. This week, research scientists at the Art Institute of Chicago found a hidden painting behind another Picasso piece. 

Courtesy BASTIAN Gallery

The upcoming show in London will take place in the Mayfair based gallery from September 3 to October 31, 2020. Bastian, which opened in February 2019, has presented solo exhibitions of Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Ulrich Erben, Dan Flavin, and Hans Hofmann.