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Incredible Artists From Around the World Making Pieces Perfect for Your Home Office

Meet modern, street, and impressionist artists from six continents producing culturally relevant work you can buy online.

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Searching for the world’s most exciting art to bring into your home means scouring the web to find the best internationally recognized artists. Fortunately, tracking down art from the far corners of the world is made easier when the best fine art houses curate such seamless online shopping experiences. From Saatchi Art to Hauser & Wirth, you can buy original artwork from the most noteworthy international artists of the decade, without ever having to leave your house. Whether you’re an impressionist connoisseur, you’re scouting modern art with bold colors, or you’re solely interested in buying from the best street artists, there’s a gallery online that aligns with your style. These seven artists—including notable Australian impressionist artists and an iconic French graffiti artist—work across six continents, each bringing different cultural experiences and artistic training to their sensational work.

Tay Dall, Africa

Tay Dall, a South African artist based just outside of Cape Town in Hermanus, uses expressive colors and found, sentimental elements from her life to create soulful works of art. Much of her work is inspired by beautiful South African landscapes but blends the lines between reality and the fantastical. One of her standout works, Large Mist, gives “an illusion of color that feels out of focus like a cloud of dancing mist. This work moves and changes every time you look at it,” according to the Saatchi Art description. Dall’s work has been featured at more than 90 exhibitions all over the world, and some of her most prized pieces are currently on display at African Pride Arabella Hotel & Spa, Autograph Collection. Buyers visiting the Cape Town area can make an appointment to see her stunningly curated home gallery in Hermanus. But to experience and buy her work online, visit Saatchi Art.

Jef Aérosol, Europe

Graffiti artist Jef Aérosol, born in Nantes as Jean-François Perroy, was part of the famed 1980s French street art movement. He most often works with stencils and silhouettes and is largely inspired by classic rock and vinyl cover art. His most notable piece, Sitting Kid, is now part of the Great Wall of China. Find his pieces, including creative, downright-inspiring depictions of music greats like Bruce Springsteen and Aretha Franklin, via Artsper.

Luchita Hurtado, South America

A Venezuelan artist born in 1920, Luchita Hurtado uses a variety of materials to illustrate themes like “abstraction, mysticism, corporality, and landscape.” Her prints are sold by Hauser & Wirth, a NYC gallery that has always encouraged printmaking among artists they exhibit. On the subject of printmaking, the gallery says, “For some, the blank plate or paper offers a space for material experimentation,” while other artists “find comfort and respite in the precision required by the etching plate or the rigid mechanics of the press.” Hurtado is fairly new to printing, but has been producing work with strong multicultural and feminist undertones for more than 80 years. To learn more about Hurtado and her prints, visit Hauser & Wirth.

Ed Freedman, North America

A Los Angeles-based photographer who got his start in the music industry, Ed Freedman has now been a renowned photographer for 25 years. In his past life, he was a road manager for The Beatles, and a writer for icons like Cher. When you look at his artistic yet americana-adjacent work, you’ll automatically think it could be a visual accompaniment to any Kerouac novel. His work represents America on the road and is hung primarily in private collections across the globe. Find his photography at Saatchi Art.

Kristian Mumford, Australia

As impressionist artists in Australia go, Kristian Mumford is one of the most recognizable names. His work fuses impressionism with realism, and he often depicts natural Australian scenery (his Strength piece is perfect for any art lover aching for Australian beaches). He also regularly draws and paints female subjects, some integrated into natural landscapes, others featured in loosely sketched, head-on portraits. Whether sketching in black and white or illustrating a far-off, ethereal-looking figure in a flowing dress walking along the waterfront, his work brings a soft, accessible impressionist quality. Mumford’s art is available for purchase at Saatchi Art.

Naomi Yuki, Japan

Japanese artwork largely influenced European impressionist art, perhaps more than is often discussed. While Japanese art has notably made an impact on other styles—Art Nouveau, for example—the influence is primarily documented during the impressionist period of the late 1800s. This is worth keeping in mind as you browse Japanese impressionist artists (and Japan-based artists focusing more on the modern or the abstract). Naomi Yuki is a fine artist based in Tokyo, focusing primarily on contemporary pieces. After studying art in Rome, she returned to Tokyo, but her work is exhibited around the globe at world-class galleries in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Venice, Taiwan, and Tokyo. Her work plays primarily with abstract shapes and beautiful, soothing colors. It's available for purchase at Saatchi Art.

Tatiana Bugaenko, Europe

Known mainly for her residences across Europe—specifically in Russia, Italy, and Serbia—Tatiana Bugaenko works with abstract colors, creating semi-discernable cityscapes, landscapes, floral-centric still lifes, and even the occasional portrait. A seasoned artist, Bugaenko has participated in 400 international exhibitions and 35 solo shows since 1986. The way her colors blend makes for a peaceful and alluring piece of art perfect for an office space you have all to yourself. Her representation of a NYC Sunset, for example, has a muted vibrancy to it. Her work is available for purchase on Saatchi Art.


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