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Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh are arguably two of the greatest artists of all time. Although their works are squarely in different periods—surrealism versus impressionism—their art has left a lasting effect on the world. And now you have the chance to experience both of them like never before because The Dalí Museum is playing host to the Van Gogh Alive immersive experience.

Starting November 21, visitors can come to the famous St. Petersburg, Florida museum to walk through the high-tech exhibition meant to give the sensation of walking into a Van Gogh painting. Grande Experiences of Melbourne, Australia, created a unique system called SENSORY4 that projects 3,000 images on an enormous scale filling an entire wall or room. The changing imagery is synchronized to music and toggles between the artist's paintings and photographs or videos. This allows viewers to learn background information on some of his famous works like never before.

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Once you've completed the Van Gogh walk-through, you can head over to The Dalí Museum, which is home to the largest collection of Dalí's works outside Europe. General admission to the museum includes access to both the classic exhibits and the special Van Gogh experience. So, you get two creative legends at once.

This announcement comes after the Toronto Van Gogh Alive exhibit had to change its offering in May due to the spread of COVID-19. What was supposed to be a walk-through experience in a massive five-story building downtown became the world's first drive-in digital art experience. Up to 14 cars were allowed in the 600,000-square-foot space at a time where they would watch a 35-minute digital show about Van Gogh. It was dubbed "Gogh by Car."

The new experience at The Dalí Museum will be what the creators originally intended, but with many health and safety procedures in place. The museum operates at a reduced capacity; there's timed ticketing, physical distancing is enforced, temperatures are taken, and masks are required.

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Van Gogh Alive will stay at The Dalí Museum through April 11, 2021. Also on display until January 31, 2021, is a unique photography exhibit showcasing the relationship between Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.


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