Artists Have Transformed Farm Silos into Stunning Murals in Australia

Bewley Shaylor/Courtesy of FORM

The massive project was years in the making.

Visitors are flocking to the most rural parts of Australia thanks to a unique art project. The PUBLIC Silo Trail turned farm silos across 620 miles into massive murals creating an open-air gallery worthy of a road trip.

The trail is made up of six different silo sites in small towns (we're talking a population of 264 in some) and one town filled with street art. Each stop features a different style. So, you can expect to see colorful abstract and whimsical black-and-white scenes on silos in Northam while a large mythical looking creature adorns silos in Albany. These stunning images are thanks to American artist HENSE, Perth-based artist Brenton See, New York-based The Yok & Shero, Miami-based artist EVOCA1, and British muralist Phlegm brought together by creative non-profit organization FORM. 

Bewley Shaylor/Courtesy PUBLIC Silo Trail 

Offshoots of this official project have popped up across the country as well with murals in places like Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. The total silo count is up to 35, with an additional 69 smaller towers painted as well. All of these spots rarely saw any foot traffic as they were hours away from main hubs, but are now seeing a tourism boom.

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Mural fans Annette and Eric Green were so blown away by the works that they created to help others explore these unique pieces. They also created a Facebook page and released the Australian Silo Art Google Map in 2018 that reveals the locations of all the silos.

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

"Have you ever heard of the town of Goorambat in northeast Victoria? Neither had I. But now thousands of Australia's and international travelers have," Green told Smithsonian Magazine. "Not only are they [Goorambat residents] seeing the benefits of their hard work in the way of tourism dollars, but there is also new community pride as the story of the town is also depicted on the silos."

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Bewley Shaylor/Courtesy of FORM

Not surprisingly, other towns are seeking to create silo murals of their own. "I would love to see the Australian Silo Art Trail get the recognition that it deserves," added Green. "It truly is Australia's ultimate road trip."