Designer Tom Dixon Is Turning His Office Into an Architectural Playground for the London Design Festival

Courtesy Tom Dixon

The unique concept is sure to be a highlight of the event.

British designer Tom Dixon is known for his modern lighting, furniture, and accessories. To highlight his talents at this year’s London Design Festival, he’s transforming his office into eight architectural spaces where visitors can immerse themselves.

Interior of Octagon at the Shanghai Design Festival. Courtesy Tom Dixon

From September 12th to 20th, Dixon will unveil “Octagon” at his Coal Office hub that will be spread out over two levels. It will include a bar, lounge, a disco, a perfumery lab, a MASS installation, and a Pattern Exhibition highlighting some of his favorite pieces. Fans will particularly love the S-chair “Museum” that pays homage to the famous chair designed by Dixon in the 1980s. 

Exterior of Tom Dixon's Coal Office. Courtesy Tom Dixon 

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“So many ideas! So many new stories! OCTAGON represents eight facets of our hyperactive, constantly evolving brand,” Dixon said in a statement. “After successfully launching OCTAGON in Shanghai in June, we are delighted to introduce the concept to London. Visitors will experience eight different architectural spaces, each telling a story inspired by our designs.”

Interior of "GLOBE" by Tom Dixon at the Shanghai exhibition. Peer Lindgreen/Courtesy Tom Dixon

For example, the Coal Drop will be a pop-up bar in the space, where guests can have cocktails served in the brand’s latest barware collection, PUCK. The FAT Lounge will feature FAT Chaise Longue, FAT two, and three-seater sofas and FAT barstool for visitors to relax. And the disco will have GLOBE, BURST chandelier and MELT lighting as the music plays in the background. In-person and digital events will take place in the space throughout the week to create an even deeper dive into Dixon’s designs.

S Chairs with Beat Waist & Stout by Tom Dixon at the Shanghai exhibition. Courtesy Tom Dixon

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The space will be open both physically and virtually to the public for free, while private events are invite-only. After the London Design Festival, Dixon revealed that they would “compress and reshape OCTAGON as a piece of small traveling architecture” that will travel from town to town as soon as restrictions are lifted. The concept previewed for the first time at the Shanghai Design Festival in June.