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Apple Debuts World’s First ‘Floating’ Store in Singapore

And it’s accessed by an underwater tunnel.


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Tech giant Apple hasn't slowed down its innovative design projects recently. In fact, they just unveiled a new store dubbed its "most ambitious retail project." In Singapore, the Apple Marina Bay Sands store is a stunning transparent sphere-shaped building that appears to float in the bay.

Designed by architecture studio Foster + Partners, the incredible structure is accessed via a 150-foot underwater tunnel from the shopping complex next door. And the entire space is surrounded by water.

"Apple's most ambitious retail project sits on the waters of Marina Bay," said the technology company in a statement. "Appearing as a sphere floating on the iridescent Marina Bay, the store introduces a new and captivating retail experience at one of Singapore's most iconic locations."

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Inside there's an open-plan layout that's nearly 100 feet in diameter. The dome was made from 114 pieces of glass and 10 narrow, steel bars to give customers a 360-degree view of the Marina Bay. But unique sunshade rings have been built to provide shade without obstructing the views.

"Apple Marina Bay Sands is all about the delicate interplay between transparency and shade," said David Summerfield, head of the studio at Foster + Partners. "The structure dissolves the boundary between the inside and outside, creating a minimal platform that floats gently in the water, looking out over the bay and the spectacular Singapore skyline."

Though modern, the design inspiration came from the Pantheon in Rome, according to the design studio. "The dome appears ephemeral," said Stefan Behling, head of the studio at Foster + Partners. "The effect is very calming, and the changing intensity and color of the light is mesmerizing. It is not only a celebration of Apple's incredible products but a celebration of light."

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This build marks the third Apple Store in Singapore. The company also has a shop filled with trees downtown and another in Jewel Changi Airport.


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