Modern Treehouse Offers Picture-Perfect Views of Stunning French Castle

Courtesy LMTLS

Can you imagine a more magnificent setup?

When thinking of dreamy, unique accommodations, treehouses and castles typically come to mind. That could soon come to life as architecture firm LMTLS just unveiled a new concept that combines the two styles. Named “Château-Scope,” the design places a stunning modern treehouse alongside Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers in France, providing unparalleled views of the historic structure.

Courtesy LMTLS

The treehouse is made of two modules with a slanted roof and arched openings that frame the castle. Though seemingly simple, the angles create a unique sightline that makes the castle appear to be a piece of art rather than a typical window view. It’s been dubbed the “snow globe effect” thanks to the one-of-a-kind perspective provided by the architectural ingenuity.

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Along with the historic views, the firm wanted to highlight the connection to nature. That’s why the design features folding glass doors to let the interior seamlessly flow outside and plenty of outdoor seating so guests can take in the unique surroundings comprising both architectural wonders and the magical natural setting. Two treehouses would be placed on the property to provide two unique perspectives. Plus, LMTLS is proposing a similar development for other castles like Ebaupinay and Vibrac. 

Courtesy LMTLS

The design was part of the a young architects treehouse competition to tap into those childhood desires with an adult perspective. 

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“This invitation goes beyond the mere architectural practice. It is actually an inner experience. This competition invites architects to rediscover through the folds of memory the moments spent imaging what their refuge would be like,” read the competition description. “This is the opportunity that Tree House Module offers to participants. This is the challenge that Dartagnans poses to architects. They will have to design and create their own concept of a treehouse.”

Courtesy LMTLS

Other competitors included an a-frame with a suspension bridge and circular tree houses perched along the water.