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 This Joshua Tree House Made From Shipping Containers in the Shape of a Starburst Is a Real Estate Dream

Oh, and it’s not even built yet.


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A home under a mile away from the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park has everything you’d want in a desert retreat. It’s perched on 22.5 acres of land at the best point on Monument Manor, providing incredible views of the unique landscape. And it features over 2,000 square feet of modern living space. But, the coolest part of all? The whole structure is shaped like a starburst and made using shipping containers.

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London-based firm Whitaker Studios is the mind behind the project. Their vision was to create a home where every room has a one-of-a-kind view as well as privacy. To do that, they proposed stacking a series of shipping containers in all directions to create a starburst-like pattern. Imagine sleeping, eating, or even just looking up and getting to take in the desert vistas by day and night.

As the listing describes, it’s “ideal for stargazing, horses and those who seek tranquility for their spiritual, meditation or yoga practices.”

Practically speaking, there are three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as several sitting nooks with picture windows. The center of the star is a large living room and kitchen with equally stunning views. And to highlight those vistas, the team created a stark interior featuring white walls, concrete walls, and minimal decor.

There’s also a garage with solar panels to provide power for the house.

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Not surprisingly, the designer home comes with a high price tag of $3.5 million. But you can’t move in right away. That’s because it’s not even built yet. The studio first released the plans in 2017, although no construction progress was made. Since then, it’s hit the market for the seven-figure amount with details explaining that the price includes the land, plans, and construction of the home. You can even choose to move it to a different spot on the property if you desire.


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