Ikea Is Now Selling Tiny Homes—And They’re As Stylish As You’d Expect

Courtesy Josiah And Steph Photography

The price on the tiny home starts at $47,550.

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For decades, Ikea has decorated and organized homes across the world, thanks to its ready-to-assemble furniture. Now, the beloved Swedish company is taking its dedication to home goods a step further with the creation of its very first tiny home.

Courtesy Josiah And Steph Photography

With a focus on sustainability, Ikea’s latest product doesn’t sacrifice any luxuries or comforts, despite its compact size. According to Lonely PlanetIkea partnered with Vox Creative and RV and tiny home builder Escape to design the tiny home with eco-friendly features. 

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Built as part of the Ikea Tiny Home Project, the trailer is a customized version of Escape’s Vista Boho XL model. The added features include solar panels, composting toilets, and an on-demand heated water supply, powered by the trailer, Lonely Planet reports. Potential buyers can get a better idea of what their new abode might look like through an online shopping experience created by Vox. The Ikea-specific website allows audiences to explore the home and buy furniture or other knickknacks to personalize their tiny home. 

Courtesy Josiah And Steph Photography

"It was a natural pairing," Escape founder Dan Dobrowolski told Lonely Planet. "We feature many Ikea products in our various tiny home designs around the country, as they mirror the renewable, reusable, and recycled materials we incorporate into the actual structures."

Courtesy Josiah And Steph Photography

The custom build took 60 days to complete, with Ikea senior interior design leader Abbey Stark telling Lonely Planet that she “wanted to source renewable, reusable, and recycled materials when possible to make the space functional as well as beautiful.”

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And she succeeded in that mission. The whitewashed panels of the tiny home are made from sustainably grown pine, while the kitchen cupboards are fashioned with recycled bottle tops. The entire home is also decorated with neutral tones and includes practical features such as built-in storage and a collapsible desk. 

The Ikea BOHO XL model from Escape starts at $47,550.