Architects Design Beautiful Floating Concrete Homes for Flood Prone Areas

Courtesy Grimshaw

The structures are both beautiful and practical.

Sadly, climate change has ravaged cities and towns around the world with regular extreme storms. And while experts across several industries are trying to find ways to combat it, a British architecture studio is proposing a way communities can adapt. Their suggestion? Floating concrete dwellings.

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Grimshaw and Dutch manufacturers Concrete Valley developed what they call "Modular Water Dwellings" that could be erected in high flood risk destinations. The houses were designed to float, so if nearby waters rose, the home would be protected. To do that, they designed pontoons (a floating structure) that had a support lower deck complete with columns and walls acting as protection. Then a concrete pod sits on top that is the actual home structure. 

Courtesy Grimshaw

And not only are the structures practical, but they're striking visually as well. The home is made from concrete and a glass frame that evokes a modern aesthetic and also lasts for decades. Not to mention, given the proximity to water, the home is likely to have stellar views. Plus, solar panels could be attached, allowing the house to generate its own power and not rely on a city system if those were affected in a storm. 

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What's more, is the dwellings could actually be cheaper to build than traditional homes. Since they are modular, they could be produced in mass quantities while still being adaptable in size. 

Courtesy Grimshaw

"In facing the realities of global transformations, be they climate change, increased urbanization or reduced resources, it is critical that architects and designers respond to these concerns in a variety of ways," said associate principal at Grimshaw Jorrin ten Have. "By addressing specific challenges confronting current and future populations, the Modular Water Dwellings offer an affordable, sustainable, and efficient alternative for safe and desirable housing."

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Grimshaw and Concrete Valley already complete the concept and are next going to work on developing prototypes.