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With the COVID-19 pandemic nowhere near being over, working from home is becoming the new normal. This, of course, means that your living room table may not be a good long-term option for a home office. Sure, having an extra room to use as a designated workspace would be ideal but, in most cases, people don’t just have a spare room in their house to convert into an office. But a Hungary-based architecture and design studio may have come up with the perfect solution to this problem and it doesn’t involve costly home renovations.

Enter the Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood Studio.

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The timber-clad pod sports a unique angular design with 15 sides and was inspired by time capsules. It is approximately 86 square feet large and a little over eight feet high. Its best features are probably the oversized windows and a skylight that let plenty of natural light in. The cabin’s insulated interior and built-in AC unit mean you can use it year-round. It even has electrical outlets for your laptop, printer, and other electronics.

“Workstation is the love child of design and architecture—transcending the conventional cube-shape, it is more like a piece of art that blends into the landscape,” the team at Hello Wood Studio shared.

Designing such a unique cabin that looks nothing like a typical house didn’t come without challenges, though.

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“When a building has two—or even more sides—coming together the main concern is to keep it watertight,” Tamas Fulop, a project architect at Hello Wood Studio, said. As a result, Fulop and his team had to treat the construction materials to make them rain and snow-resistant as well as design special intersections.

According to the company installation only takes a few days and since this is a modular prefabricated home if any of the modules need replacing you can do so without having to do any demolition work.

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Needless to say, interest in the Workstation Cabin is growing. The company has already received over 60 requests mainly from Australia and Canada.

Pricing for the Workstation Cabin starts at EUR 25,000 or $28,400 plus shipping. And the wait time is three to four months.


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