Letters Page | Nov./Dec. 2013

Stephanie Murphy

Just as our special Africa issue was published, news of a terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping mall unfolded—a horrifying act of terrorism perpetrated by the militant group Shabaab in response to Kenya’s military operations in Somalia.

At Departures, we know the world has hidden dangers. As a magazine based in New York City, we also believe such acts of terrorism should be met with relative defiance when the real purpose of terrorism is to create a culture of fear.

We would therefore encourage you to proceed with an informed perspective and balanced caution.

Anyone passing through Nairobi should attend to current State Department warnings. We also urge readers to understand the geography of this incident: A safari in Kenya is entirely possible without ever entering the city proper.

The whole purpose of the Africa issue is that we have done the work for you, ensuring there’s no need to step out on your own and “discover” new and unheard-of spots for shopping, eating or overnighting. It remains vital to put yourself in the hands of a respected agent, as detailed in the magazine, and to follow in the footsteps of our reporters, who write candidly and with authority.

—The Editors

Silversea and Departures

Last June, Departures readers joined editor in chief Richard David Story on Silversea’s Silver Spirit for a ten-day journey from Monte Carlo to Athens.

My husband and I sailed on the Departures/Silversea cruise aboard Silver Spirit, from which we enjoyed a dazzling array of Mediterranean ports and explorations of local culture. The highlight, however, may have been our dining companions. One couple—perhaps the most youthful elderly couple I’ve had the pleasure of meeting—had been married more than 60 years, traveled the world together many times and regaled us every night with stories of World War II, 1950s life in Beverly Hills and their adventures since.

New York, NY

We were on the Silver Spirit, and the ship and the staff were wonderful. Each port was exciting—Sorrento, in particular, was marvelous. We’ve already booked our next cruise and will be departing in April for the Far East. Can’t wait!

Charleston, SC

My husband and I—we’re both avid readers of Departures—recently took what we refer to as our second honeymoon, touring the Mediterranean countries of Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. The quality of life and service amazed us, and at each port we had fascinating experiences. We also had the option of leveraging Silversea’s endless resources to explore at our own leisure. From a private tasting of locally made pesto, olive oil, spreads and wines in a castle overlooking Portofino to a schooner trip down the Croatian coast, it was magical.

New York, NY