3 Englishmen In New York

The British are coming! Actually, they've already arrived. Three of our favorite chaps conquer the city in style.

Since arriving from London two years ago to open New York outposts of their London-based companies, Ben Elliot of Quintessentially, Christopher Sharp of the Rug Company, and Nick Jones of Soho House have become part of the New York scene. With equal parts tradition and ambition, they're out on the town and at its red-hot center. "We wanted to measure ourselves against New York," says Elliot, the 29-year-old nephew of Camilla Parker Bowles and founding partner of the upscale travel and concierge service. "We wanted to become real players." And so they have.

Though they decamped from London at the same time, they had become friends a few years earlier, when Elliot rented an apartment in Sharp's Notting Hill home. "I was the ideal tenant," says Elliot. "I traveled constantly, ate out three times a day, and was never home." Sharp then introduced Elliot to his old friend Jones and the three have been creating empires and their own transatlantic style ever since. "New York is fantastic," says 43-year-old Sharp, whose company has collaborated with designers like Paul Smith and Matthew Williamson on some of the most fashionable rugs and carpets in the world. "First, New York, then America," adds Jones, 40, who is looking to Los Angeles as the next locale for his fashionable members-only club-cum-hotel.

The last time three British guys made this much of a stir in New York, Ringo was backing them on drums.

Article photo 1
Christopher Sharp

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES Air India, business class—great curry and great service. I check in my Bill Amberg suitcase and carry on my G4 Mac laptop.

IN LONDON Lucky Seven for breakfast, Malabar for an Indian lunch, the Cow for prawns with mayonnaise, or River Café for some of London's best food. SHOPPING The Cross, for presents for my wife; the Handford wineshop.

IN NEW YORK Café Café for breakfast, Café Habana for lunch, and Da Silvano for dinner. The SoHo Grand for drinks. SHOPPING The Enchanted Forest toy store, Horseman Antiques in Brooklyn for sixties furniture, and Sound Library on Avenue A for music.

STYLE ON THE GO Cuff links by Dunhill, a Formula 1 Tag Heuer watch, Ray-Ban aviators, and a haircut by Matthew at Charles Worthington salon in New York.

AT BEDSIDE Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.

HERE OR THERE I'll always miss British TV news and taxi drivers who know where they're going. But I do love New York's cheap cabs and no-smoking restaurants.

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Ben Elliot

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES Private plane or British Airways. I check in my Pickett suitcase and carry on my Dunhill Sidecar duffel.

IN LONDON Claridge's for breakfast, Le Caprice for lunch, and The Wolseley or Annabel's for dinner. Pubs in West London for drinks. SHOPPING Selfridge's or the Fresh & Wild organic supermarket in Notting Hill.

IN NEW YORK The Four Seasons Hotel or the diner across from the Midtown tennis courts for breakfast, DB Bistro or Mary's Fish Camp for lunch, Matsuri for dinner. The Carlyle and the St. Regis for drinks. SHOPPING The Adidas store for retro Ilie Nastase sneakers; Kiehl's for shaving potions.

STYLE ON THE GO Suits by Timothy Everest, Dunhill, or James & James of Savile Row; vintage cuff links from my father; my new Cartier Santos watch; Blinde's sunglasses; and a haircut by Ric Pipino in New York.

AT BEDSIDE The Dangerous Summer by Ernest Hemingway, The Smoking Diaries by Simon Gray, and anything by Ian McEwan.

HERE OR THERE I'll always miss Hyde Park and London's grimy pubs. But I do love New York service and getting food after 11 p.m.

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Nick Jones

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES Virgin Upper Class. I check in a Tula black canvas suitcase and carry on a Tula duffel filled with work.

IN LONDON The Electric for breakfast or Cecconi's for a simple Italian lunch. For dinner, E&O if I want a bit of a crowd, or Racine for a quiet French dinner. SHOPPING I leave it to my wife.

IN NEW YORK Pastis for breakfast, Lupa at lunch, dinner at Soho House or Bond Street for sushi. Brunch at Balthazar. SHOPPING Jeffrey for Gucci and Prada.

STYLE ON THE GO A Dunhill bespoke suit and a haircut by Kiki at John Frieda, London.

HERE OR THERE I'll always miss London's good curry. But I do love New York hot dogs.