The Departures' Legend Awards—Methodology

Backgorund Image: Jason Busch/Courtesy Laucala

The 2019 Legend Awards.

The Departures' Legend Awards seek to do one thing: find the best in recent, unprecedented luxury.

For our timely categories (which are Best New Hotel Openings, Most Architecturally Interesting Buildings, and Best Hotel Renovations), we consider only entries that completed their renovation, new design, or opening between September 2018 and September 2019.

Each of our 16 categories (which can be found at our Departures' Legend Awards landing page) are solely editor’s choice, based on the best travel experiences we’ve seen first-hand and/or researched extensively. Even for our evergreen categories, we pay particularly close attention to honorees’ new and noteworthy programming between September 2018 and September 2019. Every single honoree goes through a stringent vetting process, wherein our team—all the way up to our digital executive editor and editor-in-chief—weighs in on each selection.

Finally, the honorees are ranked in no particular order—each featured honoree is just as significant as the next. This is the first annual Departures' Legend Awards, and we’re already looking forward to the top-tier properties and experiences we encounter in 2020.