Kara Mann Design

Kara Mann Design
New York City, Chicago

Firm Description
Kara Mann Design is an interiors firm offering a full-range of interior architecture and design services. Current projects include residential, hospitality, restaurant and commercial developments, including a high-profile hotel in New York City and private residential projects throughout the U.S., including Aspen, Chicago and New York.

Approach to Design
The firm takes a holistic approach to design. Architecture, geography and the client all play leading roles in design direction and must be considered in context to each other to achieve a delicate balance of design. "We use subtle tensions between disparate layers to help create the energy of a space by fusing modern with classic and sophistication with edge," says Mann. "We believe a well-curated space becomes a composition of objects, each influential on its own."

Distinguishing Characteristics
Kara's work is simple but luxurious, with a casual elegance that doesn’t feel too decorated.

Work Influences
Fashion plays a huge influence in Kara's work, and the constant flood of creativity keeps fresh ideas flowing through her interiors. 

Year founded: 2005
Number of employees: 16
Services: Interior architecture and design

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