Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects

Photo by Paul Warchol

Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects
New York City

Firm Description
Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects is recognized for the quality of its architecture, residential interiors, furnishings and objects.  Some of the firm's recent projects include a four-story Marc Jacobs Building in Tokyo, Japan; Duffy Residence in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; S.B. Penthouse Apartment in New York City; My Boon lifestyle shop in Seoul, Korea; and the Terrain Vase for MoMA.

Approach to Residential Design
"Good design is capable of making a difference in the quality of people's lives – it can make them more productive, more relaxed, happier, and should be situated to the environment.  A home should fulfill the needs of daily life, but be flexible to enough to allow for adaptation over time," says Stephan Jaklitsch.  The firm designs for today’s world, but strives for a timeless sense of beauty—appropriate proportions and light, clean lines, solid and durable materials, quality furnishings, a sense of balance, richness and order, and most importantly comfort.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The architects value a holistic approach, their designs range from the architecture of the building to the hardware and the utensils.  Every element should work with every other – if there is a shared sensibility then all the elements work as part of an entire design.

Work Influences
Inspiration emerges from the world they live in.  With wide-ranging interests they explore subjects from Japan to Scandinavia, beekeeping, structural forms found in nature, folk art and disparate artists such as Brancusi, Donald Judd and Peter Doig. In architecture, they admire Alvar Aalto for his sense of material and connection to his environment, and Louis Kahn, Mies van der Rohe, and Adolf Loos for their sense of monumentality and timeless beauty, as do the Doric temples at Paestum anchored in the landscape.

Year founded: 1998
Number of employees: 20
Services: Architecture, interiors, furnishings, industrial design

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