The New Elegance

© Joel Stans

Tasteful things for before, during and after dinner.

Set your table with unique silver flatware, an obscure Mexican liquor, and a sterling tea and coffee collection.

1. To make her Field Forged Flatware, Brooklyn-based designer Farrah Sit heats and hammers a solid bar of silver for hours on an anvil. “I wanted to make a form that’s striking but also really functional,” she says. $1,200 for a three-piece setting;

2. Bacanora is a new discovery. An obscure cousin of tequila and mezcal and produced only in Sonora, Mexico, it was banned in 1915 by the state’s moralistic governor. The drink returned in 1992, and Cielo Rojo, the only major brand, is now sold in 
the United States. $60; pueblo for info.

3. Dutch designer Aldo Bakker created the sterling tea and 
coffee collection Fluidité for 
Puiforcat, the French silversmith with a nearly 200-year history. With eight items, including a rose-gold sugar bowl and ebony-accented coffee and 
tea pots, the très luxe serveware makes the post-dessert beverage the main event. Prices upon request;