High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets

Sophisticated new kitchen tools make time in the kitchen well spent, helping home cooks to tailor food prep, and cleanup, to individual tastes—just the way we like it.

Courtesy Samsung
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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung turns the fridge into an internet-connected food management center with its new Family Hub refrigerator. A large 21.5-inch LCD screen serves as a command center for ordering groceries, consulting recipes, scanning food expiration dates, and creating shopping lists that sync to a mobile phone. You can also use a mobile phone to look inside the fridge remotely from a supermarket, for example, thanks to three tiny cameras that snap a photo each time the door is opened. You can post notes and photos for family members using a mobile phone. It also works as a TV, web browser, or as a source for streaming music services—which may make it the only device you’ll actually need in the house. $6000; samsung.com.