High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets

Sophisticated new kitchen tools make time in the kitchen well spent, helping home cooks to tailor food prep, and cleanup, to individual tastes—just the way we like it.

Courtesy Ember
OF 9

The biggest enemy of home cooking is lack of time say the experts, a notion backed up by U.S. Department of Commerce figures that show Americans are now, and for the first time, spending more money in restaurants and bars than in grocery stores. Clearly then, what time we do spend in the kitchen is precious. An array of new culinary-oriented tech is designed to minimize the time associated with chores and maximize the joys of dining at home. A new Samsung refrigerator lets you remotely peek inside so it’s easier to shop for ingredients. Pressure cookers can be programmed to satisfy a variety of cooking styles. A robot will mop the floor in the event of any spills. And the garbage can will put in a new liner on its own. Here’s a look at what’s new in kitchen tech.