Socially Conscious Finds

From philanthropic vodka to ecofriendly fine jewelry, these nine covetable treasures make the world a better place to shop.

Courtesy of Accompany
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Patchwork Alpaca Throw by Shupaca

Over the past few years, alpaca fleece has been encroaching on the luxury territory long occupied by cashmere, merino, mohair and angora—and with good reason. Not only does this silky fiber boast a unique glossy quality, but the hypoallergenic material is one of the warmest and most lightweight available. Shupaca, a husband-and-wife team based in San Diego, works with skilled Ecuadorian artisans to create sumptuous alpaca fleece blankets in a range of colors and patterns . The fair-trade partnership bolsters the economic growth of the artisan communities in the mountains outside Quito, while preserving ancient hand-loom weaving techniques, which are increasingly in jeopardy. $115;