Get in the Game: Local Sports to Try

From polo in Argentina to fly-fishing in Pennsylvania, native pastimes are making their way into the active offerings at hotels around the globe.

David Pearson / Alamy
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As a way of getting guests involved—and moving—hotels are beginning to emphasize the national sports and pastimes of their locations along with yoga, boot camps and other, more traditional fitness pursuits.

Longboard skateboarding in Southern California, polo on Argentina’s vast pampas, outrigger canoeing off Hawaii’s Big Island and capoeira in Brazil are just a few examples, all allowing guests to experience a destination on a deeper level and to download local heritage.

“We’ve noticed a recent increase in the number of our guests who are looking for authentic cultural experiences and a change from the workout routine they follow at home,” says Nicola Chilton, senior director of public relations for the Asia Pacific region for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which employs a tai chi master at its Hong Kong hotel.

Other places offer unprecedented access to sporting events, from The Oberoi, Mumbai’s last-minute tickets to cricket matches to exclusive private trips to the famed Cheltenham racetrack courtesy of nearby Ellenborough Park in England’s Cotswolds.

Read on for more destinations that will help you break a sweat in local style.