Watch of the Week: Apple Watch Nike+

Courtesy Nike

What do you get with this second-generation smartwatch that you don’t with the first? DEPARTURES Fashion News Director Jason Sheeler finds, for starters, a lot of questions from strangers at the gym.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ is, to be clear, the Apple Watch Series 2 with a few extras, both in looks and technology. But if you’re into aesthetics with your athletics—and what Apple and/or Nike loyalist isn’t?—then this is the smart watch for you.

Apple made great strides with the Apple Watch Series 2, unveiled back in September. Miles ahead of the first generation watch, it’s water resistant (up to 50 feet and will track your laps in the pool), has GPS, improved performance, and offers a “breathe” app that offers haptic guidance through your inhaling and exhaling. All of these features make it an excellent fit for the fitness enthused, but the new Nike version, officially called the Apple Watch Nike+, does one better. And if you’re a runner, as I am, and if you like a few bells and whistles, as I do, you’re going to want the one with the swoosh.

First off, there’s a great face that comes exclusively with the Nike version: Bold and sans serif (Futura Condensed Extra Black, if you’re wondering), it actually looks like the face that a smartwatch should have. (Skip the other option: a faux-analog ticking dial.) There are a few exclusive features there too, with Siri commands and some motivation alerts. Plus, the Nike+ Run Club app come on the watch, allowing you to chronicle your workouts, “close your loops”—meet your workout goals—and shame your friends all at the same time.

Then there’s the band. It’s my favorite that Apple has offered (apart from the leather wraparound from Hermes) as it, again, looks like the kind of cool and athletic strap a smartwatch should have. Made from a synthetic rubber called fluoroelastomer, it's perforated and comes in four color combination. It’s cool and cooling. If you choose the black-and–neon green version—Nike named the hue Volt—get ready for few complimentary “Hey where’d you get that Apple Watch?” questions at the gym. But then again, if you’re an Apple and Nike aficionado, isn’t unsolicited positive feedback exactly what you want in a watch?

Price: From $369 at,, Apple stores, and select Nike stores.

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