Urs Fischer Shares the Creative Thinking Behind His Highly Artistic Louis Vuitton Capsule Collection  

Pierre-Ange Carlotti/Courtesy Louis Vuitton

How he developed this wearable line of contemporary art.

In celebration of the new year, Louis Vuitton and Urs Fischer released their latest collaboration on New Year’s Day 2021. The awe-inspiring pieces from the brand new LVXUF capsule collection follows Vuitton’s esteemed Artycapucines collection, which also featured a piece from Fischer. But this latest Fischer x Vuitton collaboration puts Fischer’s artistry on full display, bringing to life his distinctive red, black, and white prints and abstract take on the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram. In a livestreamed conversation with Derek Blasberg, which Departures attended along with Vuitton team members from around the world, Fischer shared the creative process behind this collection, including what it meant to play with the design of the iconic LV monogram.

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Pierre-Ange Carlotti/Courtesy Louis Vuitton 

“I thought about how the monogram has become omnipresent in people’s lives, and how its meaning can vary depending on a person’s background, location, lifestyle, and aspirations,” Fischer said following the livestreamed event in a statement released to Departures. “Given the Louis Vuitton monogram’s ubiquitous status, I chose to hand-draw it in a really spontaneous way, almost like sketching it from memory.”

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From Fischer’s revelatory meditation on the Vuitton monogram and his hand-drawn, abstract design, to the unapologetic marriage of red and black, his collection really is wearable contemporary art. The Swiss artist, who bounces between New York City and Los Angeles, calls his take on the Vuitton flowers and monogram “memory sketches,” which contributes to the dreamy quality of this collection. Fischer cited collaboration as an integral part of his process in developing this collection as well:

Pierre-Ange Carlotti/Courtesy Louis Vuitton 

“The rewarding part of this collaboration has been the chance to work closely with all these highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists, all experts in their respective fields,” said Fischer. “What connects everyone is the desire to experiment, to push things towards unexpected places, because that’s what is most exciting. As an artist I’m often working alone, so to be engaged in multiple dialogues has been enriching, especially given the isolated nature of these times.”

With this insight from the artist himself, you’ll see the capsule collection through an entirely new lens. The collaboration is available in certain Vuitton stores and online.