Editor’s Pick: The Beach-to-Bar Swim Trunks Men Need This Summer

Courtesy Tomas Maier

Can swim trunks also work as great shorts? Tomas Maier solves men's summer conundrum. 

Can a pair of swim trunks also look great away from water? That’s a question a lot of guys ask this time of year. 

Tomas Maier may have an answer with his beach collection. The German-born designer, who has an eponymous collection while also serving as creative director of Bottega Veneta, just released his annual range of men’s and women’s pool and beach essentials, including a pair of liquid gold trunks.

Maier, with a perpetual tan and an always-back-from-somewhere vibe, has an affinity for warm weather staples. (The Miami and Palm Beach regular opened his label’s first store in South Florida in 2004.)

With this collection, the designer acknowledges there are lots of guys who are, well, always back from somewhere. “I’ve always felt that there was a need for a year-round seasonless concept for this type of product,” he says.

This collection, with a mix of body-hugging tees and shorts cut narrow, gives a sexy “I could jump in the water at any second” vibe.

On a pragmatic level, Maier’s liquid gold swim trunks—with a shimmering fabrication that looks a little wet even when dry—solves men’s aforementioned summer conundrum: Can swim trunks also look like great shorts? Dive in.

Ombre swim short, $290, and canvas palm tree tote, $595, tomasmaier.com.