Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Luxury Fashion Brand, The Row, Launches Menswear

Courtesy The Row

Until now, The Row—the ultra high-end, discreet fashion label from twin sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen—has been known for its luxurious womenswear. Think: a look that might be described as something in the modest chic vein, but rendered with a sharp sartorial eye—and with a deep, almost academic passion for top-end textiles. The result? A label that is, ostensibly, the stealthiest option for the wealthiest around.

In October, The Row will add another spoke to its fine wheel: menswear. Loyalists will note that, in 2016, the Olsens teased menswear at their boutiques in Los Angeles and New York. Of that gestation time—which saw introductions of knits, excellently made outerwear, and even tees—Ashely said, “We have been discussing working on menswear for a long time. It was always part of the plan. We took our time developing it and doing the research.” That research included receiving testimonials from The Row’s small men’s pool over the past two years. “We got to a place where the menswear could stand as its own collection, after spending the time that we felt was necessary [in developing it],” added Mary-Kate.

Courtesy The Row

So what can gents expect when the full collection hits The Row’s stores, as well as select retailers? Sea Island cotton shirting, impeccable tailoring, subtle accessories, a fair amount of monochrome coloring, and a general soft-but-structured sleekness for which the company’s women’s component has become so renowned. 

“What is new outside of the retail capsule is the suit, which is the focus of the collection,” said Ashley. We took our time to develop the fit, explore the fabrics and to research production. We decided to produce the suits in Japan to achieve a modern aesthetic.” The twins were extraordinarily patient; “feedback is important to us,” said Mary-Kate. “The menswear capsule enabled that dialogue. We continuously learn from our customers.” 

And as to why they’ve made the suit the centerpiece of their launch? “We feel that the suit is a staple in a wardrobe—for both men and women,” said Mary-Kate. “A well-tailored fine suit is timeless. We wanted to create pieces that could live in someone’s wardrobe forever,” added Ashley.