Visiting G. Lorenzi

The storied Milan store holds a rich history.

On our most recent visit to G. Lorenzi, Marco Nasali had us don a chain-mail glove made for oyster shucking, then came at the shrouded hand with one of the superb knives that his store still grinds in-house to prove the mail’s durability. This is the shop of men. The legendary 1929 Milan store amasses, improves and vends an impeccable collection of gentlemen’s objects: Horn-handled knife sets line the cabinets, silver razors glint on countertops, rows of briar-wood pipes with ivory mouthpieces lie in velvet-lined drawers. Ask Marco to take you downstairs to the smoking room filled with antique tobacco boxes. “I got a humidor there once,” says one New York–based publisher who visits four times a year. “And when I stopped smoking, I took it back. They transformed it into a box for my watches.” At Via Montenapoleone 9;