Tito Pedrini’s Wardrobe

Tait Simpson

Jeweler Tito Pedrini walks us through his unusual, but unimpeachably chic, wardrobe.

Jeweler and gemologist Tito Pedrini spends his days surrounded by electric-green tourmalines, pale pink opals and giant black spinels, so it is either perfectly understandable or slightly curious that his wardrobe is strictly limited to the color blue. “I’m not sure how it started,” says the charming Italian by way of Park Avenue. “But I’ve worn nothing else since I was about eight. It’s become a signature, and it keeps things simple, which has always been my style.” titopedrini.com.

Suit: I’ve been going to tailor
Giancarlo Franzosi (39-032/253-434) since I was 16, and he’s made all my suits (and two tuxedos) since. He lives and works from his house
in the hills above Stresa,
by Lake Maggiore. We use only Zegna fabrics. Once
I find something or someone I like, I stay with them: The grass is not always greener.

Shirt: People are sometimes surprised by this, but
I do not get my shirts custom-made: I will, however, only buy shirts made in London. For a long time
they were from Hilditch & Key, but I’ve switched to Hackett (hackett.com) for a more fitted look.
And always in blue.

Shoes: My loafers are always black leather by Alden (aldenshop.com). For lace-ups, it’s Peal & Co.,
a British brand now made exclusively for Brooks Brothers (brooksbrothers.com). Boots are by Australia’s RM Williams (rmwilliams.com), and with jeans I wear the original Car Shoe model from 1963 (carshoe.com)—I got my first pair as a teenager. Also, I never take anything to a shoemaker; I send them back to the factory for repair. It’s more expensive, but they come back like new.

Family Secrets: I go to Italy almost once a month to see my parents, and I won’t let anyone touch my cashmere sweaters but Mrs. Erika Cabriel, who has been with us for years. She hand-washes them with cold water and detergent for about two minutes, then rinses them in running water for another ten minutes. I’m not sure why, but this method keeps them soft!

Details: I don’t really wear any jewelry except for a watch—either a Rolex classic Oyster
Perpetual or the original black and white plastic Swatch—and cuff links that I designed in clear quartz, which almost disappear on a shirt.