Oliver Peoples and Byredo Release the Perfect Summer Pairing

Courtesy of Oliver Peoples

A new limited-edition sunglass and fragrance collaboration between the Stockholm-based perfume company and the iconic eyewear designer explores the intersection between sight and scent.

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is a concept we’re all familiar with—but what about experiencing other senses through rosy lenses? This month, boutique Swedish fragrancer Byredo and cult-favorite sunglass outfitter Oliver Peoples team up to invite you to do just that... or to be more precise, they’re inviting you to see (and smell) the world in amber, blue, and green. 

Inspired by synesthesia, a condition in which stimulation of one sense can produce a reaction from anotherlike, say, tasting a musical movement or strongly associating a scent with a specific color—the Joint Perception collection pairs three different photochromic lens colors with a fragrance designed by Byredo’s master perfumer, which he developed after taking in the sights of L.A. from behind each differently hued lens. The result is a modern take on a unisex, vintage-inspired frame, available in both semi-matte black or beige crystal with indigo, Champagne, or green photochromic lenses. The scent, also unisex, combines influences from each visual experience, featuring bright, fresh notes of juniper and California lemon with warmer spots of patchouli and musk—though we must add, while wearing the green lenses, we also detected not-so-subtle notes of green. 

For a whole new way to experience summer, buy the collection, which includes a sunglass frame with lens colorway of your choice, plus a scent bottled in correlating colored glass, at Barneys for $530. Individual frames ($450) and fragrances ($175) are available at oliverpeoples.com and byredo.com.