NYFWM: 3 Questions with CFDA's Steven Kolb

© Joe Schildhorn / BFA.com

Special correspondent Eric Rutherford caught up with Council of Fashion Designers of America CEO Steven Kolb at the CFDA/Amazon Fashion kickoff party last night. 

The first ever New York Fashion Week: Men's. How are you feeling?
I am feeling good. Of course, fashion weeks are tricky. There's a sense of relief that we actually did it. That talk became action, ideas came to fruition.

So the inevitable question. Why? 
The menswear industry is one of the smallest pieces of American fashion but in recent years it's seen incredible growth, almost more than women's and that has to do with Millenials entering the work force, celebrities like Dwayne Wade and Victor Cruz who are pushing envelopes in the way they dress. So, guys that admire them or follow sports are feeling like a license to be less conservative or be a little bit more statement in how they dress. With that comes a market and a supply and demand. With all those pieces coming together at a time that supports creating more supply for the demand. 

This is for Departures magazine. So gotta ask: What three things are always in your carry on? 
It's mostly grooming. A Harry's Razor. Kiehls Creme fraiche for my hair. Oh, and a book. A real book. I left my kindle on the plane and started buying hard cover books again.