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This story was published before Summer 2021, when we launched our new digital experience.

Finally, Stylish Safari Gear

Designer Caroline Hickman wanted to look timeless on her first visit to Africa. But she struggled to find good linen shirts (it was February in London, after
all) and tailored pieces that were safari-appropriate. So when 
she moved to Africa to join her partner, Ralph Bousfield, a safari guide with Uncharted Africa Safari, she brought bolts of natural fabric with her from the U.K. so she could design her own. Camp guests soon started making requests. She launched Hickman & Bousfield in 2013 and now sells her apparel online, as well as through Gerald Webster, a year-old site that curates safari gear and wildlife-themed housewares. Hickman stresses that her line isn’t about staying on trend but about versatility. “I’m not throwing everything away at the end of the season,” she says. “My stuff is all made to do double-duty.”


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